Hello Mr.Ickle, Mr.Lardee, Mr.Spade & Mr.Satchel

My lovely Ickle and Lardee were playing hide and seek inside the lovely Jack Spade, and the lovely Jack Spade was hiding inside the lovely Cambridge Satchel with my initials engraved on it.
What a lovely pressies!

Make Yourself At Home

Stay here when next time you are in KL.

Cafe Hopping (27): Ben's Independent Grocer

Ben's Independent Grocer
Ambiance: 4/5
Food: 4/5 (the pizzas are really well made with all fresh ingredients, only about RM19 per pizza. Pizzeria L'Operetta should really learn from them!)
Coffee: 3.5/5

Ben's Independent Grocer is definitely where good taste and good food meets. They are very serious about their branding, the standard of food and the selections of goods. You can seriously feel it with all the details and attentions given from their good services and the food that's presented to you. 

I wish there's a shop like that in Singapore too.


There's something in me desperately waiting for a change.
Which I'm not sure what will it be.

A better self, I suppose.

Happy Birthday.









媽媽小時候就讀Convent Girl School,學校對面就是Saint John Boy School了。



My Boy

When I thought I'm all ready to welcome my 36th birthday in a peaceful mind, Noody came to me with skin problems. And this time, a serious one. He has all the symptoms of having dog's depression, separation anxiety to be more precise. He shreds a lot, he chews his skin until you can see blood. He sleeps a lot and he doesn't show interest in things.

It all happened just a week ago i sent him to his favourite place—Christopher's house. There is where he can play whole day with other dogs. Happily playing til they fall asleep, Christopher said, sometimes he can even hear them snoring.

After they departed, all the symptoms showed.

I hope one day I could stop worrying for him, my little boy.


Merry Xmas

I will be home for Xmas.
Merry Xmas to all the one I love.

Cafe Hopping (26): Pizzeria L'Operetta

Pizzeria L'Operetta
Ambiance: 2/5
Food: -10/5
Coffee: not sure

The first thing that caught our eyes when we passed by this Pizzeria was their so called- imported legendary Vera wood-fired oven. So, we went on to give it a try on a Wednesday night, expecting to experience some real taste from Italy.

We ordered 3 pizzas, Seafood, Parma Ham and a Mushroom + Ham for the four of us to share.

First came the Seafood, when the pizza arrived on our face. It's obvious enough that the prawns and squids are all from the frozen pack. If you do not mind paying $30 for a pizza with all the FROZEN ingredients, then I guess it doesn't bother you at all. But I mind. We went all the way to the restaurant end up chewing on rubbery and tasteless prawns and squids. Disaster!

Then came the Parma Ham Pizza which is still being acceptable as the Parma Ham are all imported, how wrong can it be? So, that was ok for my palette.

Then came the Mushroomm + Ham one, another disaster! The mushroom are from the canned mushroom, and it's not even the good quality one they are using. If they think they are able to fool their customers, they are WRONG!

We couldn't help but noticing the restaurant's principle being printed on a big board over the cashier area, says "We only use the FRESHEST ingredients in all our food!"

F.R.E.S.H.E.S.T YOUR XXX!!!!!!!!!!

The essences of Italian food is all about using the freshest ingredients, bringing out the original taste of the ingredients, at L'Operetta, they DON'T!In order to keep your customers from coming back, please RESPECT YOUR FOOD AND YOUR CUSTOMERS, as I already feel cheated paying for such amount for such rubbish food.

Food Hopping (25): The Plain

The Plain
Ambiance: 3.5/5
Food: not sure
Coffee: 3/5

Food Hopping (24): Jewel Cafe and Kohi Cafe

Jewel Cafe & Kohi Cafe
Ambiance: 3/5 (for both, it's just next to each others)
Food: not sure
Coffee: 2/5 (for both as well)



 很喜歡卻幾乎淡忘了的一首兒歌。Thanks Zee Avi for the cover in a recent gig.

作詞:曾怡軒   作曲:林丙寅

好像是我媽媽 慈愛的眼睛

好像是我媽媽 慈愛的眼睛



Another Happy Day Out for Noody

Even knowing it would rain today, we still brought Noody to Sentosa as planned. Now he's snoring loudly at the corner, I guess he must be dreaming about catching the frisbee in the water, again and again.

Food Hopping (23): Drips Cafe & Bakery

Drips Cafe & Bakery
Ambiance: 2.5/5
Food: 3/5
Coffee: 3/5
Music: Big suck!